Fuzzy Flowers For Your Head!


Blue Blossom Classic
Sandy Pillbox
Bronze Cloche


After a year (plus) of making hats, my mom has finally decided what her favorite part is: flowers embellishments (though I think she also has a soft spot for finding that perfect sweater in the VV racks).  Here are some of her latest creations…and if you are interested in learning how she does it make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we are going to be rolling out some tutorials.


Hatty New Year (did you see what I did there?)

Some people spend their holidays drinking too much eggnog and watching Netflix. My mom does that too, only she does it while making hats!

Check out her new 2016 styles. Like snowflakes and hangovers, no two Bricolage hats are ever the same so check out our Etsy site if one is calling to you 🙂



This just got real: Buttons and Bows and Bricolage hats



Etsy is awesome and everything, but there is nothing like getting your stuff in a 3-dimensional space to make you feel like you made it.

For the first time ever, our upcycled wool hats are available in a store called Buttons and Bows  (check out the link for an article I wrote about it few months ago and their amazing work getting youth to sew). They are located in Maple Ridge, BC so if you happen to be in town stop by and check them out!