The Hats

All of our hats are made of 100% wool sweaters that have been rescued from local thrift stores. They are also lined to ensure maximum comfort.

Important Note about Bricolage Hats:

Like the tradition of bricolaging, where artists use found objects to create something new, the feel and shape of each hat is determined by the sweaters. Each one is, as a result, totally unique and may differ slightly from the image displayed. If you are not happy with your hat, we will offer you a full refund or exchange.

All hats are available in two sizes: Medium-Large and Small-Medium.

Women’s Hats are $45 plus shipping. Kids’ Hats are $30 plus shipping.

Please order by contacting janet.amsden@gmail.com or visiting us online at Bricolage Hats Etsy store.

The Team

Jackie Amsden

Janet Amsden, a retired school teacher, children’s author and environmental organizer, started Bricolage Hats to help lighten our landfills and share her love of wool. She makes all the hats by hand at her home in from Maple Ridge, BC.

Janet’s daughter, Jackie Amsden, a fashion blogger and young adult author, is in charge of everything at Bricolage Hats that doesn’t involve actual needles and thread (or someone would probably lose an eye)




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